Are you excited about PR? Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in the industry even before you graduate? Do you want to be part of a team tasked with creating fun and meaningful professional development programs for students? If so, a leadership position with Quotes may be the place for you.

Executive board positions: President, Vice President of Operations, Director of Events, Director of Communication, Director of Membership

Creative Team: Creative Director, Webmaster

How to apply: Quotes positions are appointed by the faculty adviser and current Quotes president every November. Eligible candidates are individually interviewed and selected based on the following criteria: Interest level, skill set, availability, and duration and activity level of Quotes membership.

Download application here 

(Note: You have until November 26 to apply)

Here is a quick description of every executive board and creative team position. More detail information is available here.

Executive board positions


  • Oversees all board members
  • Delegates tasks to board members to ensure smooth operation of the Club’s programs and objectives
  • Registers Quotes as a registered student organization (RSO) through OSI every semester
    through necessary forms and meetings
  • Proofs all publications and collateral, such as fliers and emails
  • Books meeting room reservations the second week of each semester
  • Maintains relationship with the Florida Public Relations Association
  • Serves as the liaison between the club and the professional community, contacting speakers and arranging tours.
  • Comes up with ideas to make Quotes more efficient
  • Organizes board meetings by creating agendas and maintaining the board’s focus on student professional development
  • Gives presentation in ADV 3008 and PUR 4000 each term
  • Keeps Quotes adviser (Lindsay Hudock) informed of board activities
  • Helps manage the Quotes e-mail account
  • Writes thank-you notes to all speakers and agency hosts, and coordinates thank you gifts

* Must be an Advertising/PR major and able to attend all board and club events.

Vice President of Operations

  • Assists President with all tasks, serves as the right hand man, and potentially the president in training.
  • Especially focused on coordinating on campus logistics:Room reservations, OSI paperwork and meetings.
  • Helps proof all publications, such as fliers and emails
  • Serves a critical role in board meetings by taking the minutes, compiling action items and storing these records in the club drop box
  • Delegates tasks to board members to ensure smooth operation of the Club’s programs and objectives
  • Aids other board members when necessary
  • Attends board meetings and club events
  • Photographs club events and stores pictures in the drop box
  • Helps manage the Quotes e-mail account.

Director of Events

  • This board member is responsible for the planning and execution of Intern Pursuit each fall and spring semesters. This includes:
    • Contacting and recruiting employers
    • Managing the employer registration process and RSVP list
    • Working with the student union on room set up
    • Fielding employer and student questions about IP
    • Coordinating with Ad club for support and promotion of IP
    • Coordinating with journalism club for parking passes for employers
    • Managing the day of set up and logistics
    • Working with the Director of Communication to produce promotional messages
    • Working with Director of Communication and Webmaster to post event details on website and
    • social media
    • Sending surveys, thank you notes and save-the-dates to employers upon completion of IP
  • Presents ideas for tours, trips, socials or off-campus professional development activities to be approved by the board
  • Attends board meetings and club events

Director of Communication*

  • Creates, delivers and monitors all approved promotional messages in social media channels

This includes:

Facebook: Page posts, events, interactions and maintenance

Twitter: Tweeting club updates, links, and replies to DM, favorites, interactions

Instagram: Creating posts, replies and favorites

  • Drafts comprehensive social media and e-blast calendars
  • Creates and promotes facebook events for all club events two weeks prior to the event
  • Proofs all publications for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Sends all publications to President and VP of Operations for final proofing and approval
  • Assists President and Creative Director with idea generation for graphics and collateral
  • Works with other board members to obtain info about speakers and agencies
  • Works with Webmaster to update website with event details
  • Manages Quotes email account and responds to all emails from members
  • Attends board meetings and club events

* Must submit writing samples and be in a writing-intensive major to be considered for this position. Ability to create social media graphics is a plus.

Director of Membership

  • Manages club membership database and dues
  • Collects contact info from prospective and current members
  • Places member info into membership database spreadsheet
  • Updates mailing list
  • Creates sign-in sheets for each meeting/event and tracks member participation in the member spreadsheet
  • Sends emails to new members, confirming their paid dues and welcoming them to the club
  • Works closely with faculty adviser to coordinate dues payment to FPRA every fall
  • Welcomes members at meetings
  • Sends email notifications to members of club events
  • Attends board meetings and club events
Creative Positions

Every club needs talented artists for the promotional pieces to come to life. If you enjoy creating and tinkering, these positions are perfect for you.

Note: Creative positions are appointed and serve from January to December (see first page for details). Board members in creative positions are not required to attend board meetings or club events. They are also unable to vote on treasury matters and club constitutional amendments.

Creative Director

  • Creates social media graphics and collateral for all club activities
  • Takes photos and videos at every event and adds files to Google Drive
  • Maintains Quotes brand throughout all communication materials

Webmaster  *it is possible to hold this board position along with another board position

  • Collaborates with President and Faculty Adviser to create exciting website content
  • Works with Director of Communication to update website with upcoming events
  • Troubleshoots WordPress errors and downtime
  • Renews website domain every year
  • Redesigns website with new template, when requested by the President and/or Faculty Adviser



Ambassadors are passionate club members looking to be more involved than the average student, but they might not be in a position to take a seat on the executive board. They are active club members who work with the board to promote events, do classroom visits, welcome attendees at meetings, and help staff large events. Ambassadors may be students looking to take a small step into leadership before applying for a seat on the executive board. Ambassadors may also be former board members who now serve in mentoring roles.