Jack Of All Trades

Life’s weird. One minute you’re getting stickers for spelling your name right, the next you’re worried about getting a date to the prom and before you know it, you’re supposed to choose a college and a major, which will ultimately dictate the rest of your adult life. No pressure. My entire life I felt like … Continue reading Jack Of All Trades


Quotes UCF

It is at this time of the year we celebrate those who are moving onto the next phase of their lives. It’s important to us that our fellow classmates get the recognition they deserve. To ensure this, Quotes and Ad Club hosts an event called Senior Salute. Last year was the first time the UCF … Continue reading Quotes UCF

Tried & True Tips To Land The Best Internships

Written by Ryan C. Sheehy, APR, former faculty advisor for Quotes So you’re a college student and it’s officially time to transition from a free-to-be-me lifestyle to the real-world professional realm. It’s only natural that you are feeling overwhelmed by the process and need some good advice. As a PR pro with more than a decade of … Continue reading Tried & True Tips To Land The Best Internships