Thank you to all of our Featured Internships for making this years Intern Pursuit possible! Check out this semesters employer list to learn how to apply for an internship at one of these great companies!

Curley & Pynn’s internship is an ideal experience for student leaders and recent graduates who seek to apply their knowledge of public relations and marketing communications strategies and tactics in a real-world setting. Interns report to Curley & Pynn’s communications specialists and strategists, who direct assignments while fostering a supportive, constructive mentoring relationship. Ideal candidates are college juniors or seniors in a relevant degree program, or recent graduates who have earned a degree within the last six months. Applicants should have prior internship experience; agency experience is preferred.
Dyverse’s mission is to be a conduit between apartment searchers looking for the new home of their dreams and high character communities across the country. We accomplish this by being the first in multifamily to build a fully integrated marketing optimization process encompassing tracking, reporting, attribution, and automation. As an intern you’ll assist Account Managers with online advertising optimizations and campaign management within Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Instagram • Regularly conduct Keyword Research and testing to develop a full Ads campaign • Write copy for online media advertising campaigns • Develop on-site search engine optimization guides.
Intern Pursuit is a software platform that documents employer compliance when working with
interns for both unpaid and paid internships. This means students get the job skills you want and
the employer documents the work you do with them. One of our goals is to ensure students have
real job skills on their resume.
At Cynthia Blackwell Consulting, we customize our services for each client to deliver an impactful experience. 
Do not accept anything less! The process is quite simple and requires answering some tough questions, analyzing the answers and creating a realistic plan with key performance indicators. Do not accept anything less! As an intern you’ll work on social media posts as well as support the development of content.

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