Executive Board


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Rachel Ilardi


Major: Ad/PR

Minor: Writing and Rhetoric

After graduating from International Community High School in 2016, Rachel Ilardi continued on to Lake Sumter State College to receive her AA.  By the time she first stepped into her Ad/PR intro courses, she immediately knew this was the place for her. Originally planning to pursue a career in fundraising, Intro to Public Relations opened her eyes to the possibilities that the PR field holds.  Now, Rachel is pursuing a role in traditional PR, although she has yet to find her niche. Rachel enjoys spending time with people, working with youth ministry, and traveling when she can.

You can contact Rachel at quotespresident@gmail.com

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Aspen Arias

Director of Events

Major: Ad/PR

Aspen is a lover of all cats, a fresh pine scent enthusiast and a serial rice and bean eater. She was born and raised in Miami Dade County but eagerly relocated to Orlando to begin her college journey at UCF in 2016. The illustrious Ad/PR program quickly became the goal and after acceptance into the limited access program became her home. Aspen’s plan is to have an internship every semester until she graduates to further her growth and career development in the field. When she isn’t on her grind at work, school or her internships—she enjoys skateboarding, traveling and discovering the hidden “foodie” spots around the Orlando area.

You can contact Aspen at quotesevents@gmail.com

Autumn Crouch
Co-Vice President of Operations
Major: Ad/PR
After graduating in 2016 from Steinbrenner High School in Tampa, Florida, Autumn decided to pursue her bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida. Starting her higher education career as a Digital Media major, she shortly realized she was more drawn to Ad/PR. Her love of critical thinking and insights that the PR industry encompasses made it a perfect fit. After spending the summer interning in New York City, Autumn hopes to pursue a career in the Strategy discipline of a big city Ad agency. Now as the co-VP of Operations, she is looking forward to bringing exciting new events to the Quotes organization.
You can contact Autumn at quotesvp@gmail.com

Benjamin Tidwell
Co-Vice President of Operations
Major: Ad/PR
Minor: History
Following his graduation from Florida Virtual School in 2015, Ben spent the first two years of his college life pursuing an AA degree from Valencia College. After exploring career options in marketing and sales, he realized that the Ad/PR program would be the perfect outlet to hone his abilities as a leader and as a public servant. As an avid creative writer and former professional actor, the advertising and public relations field presented itself to Ben as an incredible opportunity to utilize his passion for the arts in a professional setting. Ben is also minoring in history in order to improve his skills as a storyteller. As Co-Vice President of Operations, Ben is thrilled to get the chance to be a part of an amazing organization that is dedicated to the growth of all PR enthusiasts.
You can contact Ben at quotesvp@gmail.com

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Emily Garcia

Director of Communication

Major: Ad/PR

Minor: Writing and Rhetoric

Since shadowing a PR practitioner at her school, Emily knew she wanted to pursue a career in Public Relations. New to the program, Emily hopes to intern in as many different places as possible and learn about all the different aspects of PR. When she’s not studying or writing, Emily loves to visit the Farmer’s Market, experiment in the kitchen, and spend time with her family.

You can contact Emily at quotescommunication@gmail.com

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Toyin Lasisi

Vice President of Membership 

Major: Ad/PR

Minor: Political Science

Toyin is a freshman here at the University. She received her high school diploma along with her AA upon graduating from Somerset Academy High School in South Florida. Though she is still a pending Ad/PR student, she is eager to enter the major and dive into more of what the PR industry has in store. She also enjoys being a part of different organizations on campus in addition to Quotes. In her free time out of school, she loves to travel and try new foods.

You can contact Toyin at quotesmembership@gmail.com

Monique Mendez


Major: Ad/PR

Monique is a bookworm and travel enthusiast who grew up in Broward County, Florida. She is currently a college sophomore studying Ad/PR with a more direct focus on the Public Relations side. Getting her first internship in freshman year, Monique uses her strong motivation to gain industry experience and further her knowledge. She has written for several publications such as Her Campus and RETHINK Retail. In her free time, Monique loves spending time with family and friends, reading, and creating positive change in the world.

You can contact Monique at quoteswebmaster1@gmail.com

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Julia Amorim

Creative Director

Major: Ad/PR

Coming to UCF was a major change in Julia’s life. Her love for adventure brought her up to a whole new country to explore the PR industry and all it has to offer. Now, Julia hopes to learn more about the PR world and experiment on different paths until finding the one that best fits her. When not at school or work, she loves to spend time with friends and travel to different places.
You can contact Julia at quotesgraphics1@gmail.com