Executive Board


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Taylar Freitag


Major: Ad/PR

Taylar originally planned to study journalism when a family friend told her about how great the advertising and public relations programs were at UCF. She decided to take an intro class her first semester and fell in love with the profession. What she enjoys most about public relations is that the profession is needed for all industries and PR professionals have the resources to make real change in the world.

After graduation, Taylar hopes to work for government or for an organization that works closely with the government. Ideally, her role would be heavily focused on corporate social responsibility.

You can contact Taylar at: quotespresident@gmail.com

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Alyssa Harrell
Director of Events 
Major: Ad/PR
Following her graduation in 2015 from Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida Alyssa started the next chapter of her life by continuing her education at UCF. At first not entirely sure of what she should major in Alyssa soon realized that a major in AD/PR would be perfect for her. Combining her creativity and knack for communication with others it seemed like an excellent fit. With a special interest in healthcare Alyssa chose to minor in Health Service Administration and hopes to one-day practice PR in a hospital environment. Now, as the Director of Events for Quotes she is extremely excited to see what her future at UCF and in the PR field will bring!

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Daniel Diab

Vice President of Operations

Major: Ad/PR

Daniel moved to Florida from Lebanon about four years ago and knew right off the bat that he wanted to pursue a degree in communications. His goals were only reinforced after joining the Ad/PR program at UCF. What he likes about the communication industry is the wide variety of specialties that people can work in that are all applicable when trying to improve an industry.

After graduation, Daniel hopes to work as an account manager in either a corporation or agency.

You can contact Daniel at quotesvp@gmail.com

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Stefi Markowicz

Director of Communication

Major: Advertising/Public Relations

Since being the PR manager of her high school’s award-winning newspaper in the tenth grade, Stefi knew she wanted to be in PR for the long run. Stefi’s held internships in many sectors of PR, but she’s  most passionate about all things media and entertainment, which is why she hopes to join that industry when she graduates. In her free time, Stefi loves jamming out to Zumba classes, trying new cuisines and traveling (mostly to New York).


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Rachel Ilardi

Vice President of Membership 

Major: Ad/PR

Minor: Writing and Rhetoric

After graduating from International Community High School in 2016, Rachel Ilardi continued on to Lake Sumter State College to receive her AA. By the time she first stepped into her Ad/PR intro courses, she immediately knew this was the place for her. Originally planning to pursue a career in fundraising, Intro to Public Relations opened her eyes to the possibilities that the PR field holds. Now, Rachel is pursuing a role in traditional PR, although she has yet to find her niche. Rachel enjoys spending time with people, reading and traveling when she can.

You can contact Rachel at: quotesmembership@gmail.com


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Domenica Aycart


Major: Ad/PR

After receiving her AA at Miami Dade College, Demi transferred to UCF in the spring of 2017 to apply for the Ad/PR program. Her love for Public Relations has only grown due to the networking opportunities Quotes and FPRA have offered. Demi has completed 3 professional internships which sparked her interested in the corporate world. With graduation around the corner, Demi is applying to graduate programs to pursue her interest in Corporate Public Relations.
You can contact Demi at quoteswebmaster1@gmail.com

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Miranda Rioux
Graphic Designer
Major: Ad/PR
Graduating from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2014, Randi left her hometown of Parkland, Florida to set off for better opportunities here in Orlando. She received her Associate degree in Fine Arts from Valencia College and started her next chapter at UCF in the spring of 2016. Wanting to combine her creative passion and her love of writing and storytelling, she applied to the Ad-PR program and was accepted on the eve of her birthday. Since her acceptance, she’s been immersing herself in the program which has led her to 2 professional internships, FPRA chapter image awards and Quotes’ graphic design officer for the second year in a row. With graduation fast approaching, Randi hopes to continue to graduate school for Conceptual and Graphic Design.