Quotes wants you to make the most of your membership, and to help position you for greater success through our professional development tools. Through member participation, Quotes is able to build on the value of your degree and fortify our industry’s commitment to excellence as future PR practitioners.

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FPRA Membership – Affiliate membership in FPRA, the oldest and most well-known public relations professional association in Florida.

Meetings – Meetings provide members with an insight into the broad world of PR while enhancing the professional development of students.

Early Admittance to Intern Pursuit –  Beat the crowd and enter the internship fair 30 minutes before general admittance.

Internship Opportunities – With events like Intern Pursuit in addition to supplemental resources, Quotes will help you gain the experience necessary to take your career to the next level.

Guest Speakers – Gain valuable information from experts working in the field. Previous guest speakers have included Ashlynn Webb and Ali Beemer from Universal, Kena Lewis from Orlando Health, Gary LaPage, and Liz Lytle from Curley & Pynn.

Industry-Focused Social Media – Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Quotes’ social media channels are dedicated to keep you up-to-date with emerging trends, industry topics and chapter activities.

Professional Development – Develop your inner PRo through various professional development opportunities, such as faculty panels and workshops.

Workshops – Workshops expand industry insight with hands-on learning. Previous workshops taught students about Excel, Image Awards, Resume Writing, and Adobe Photoshop.

Publishing OpportunitiesMembers can contribute to our monthly newsletter and to FPRA’s newsletter, the PRoclaimer.

Agency Tours – Gain industry insight as you learn about the Orlando market and discuss agency life. Previous tours have included: Universal, City of Orlando, CCH Marketing, and Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Leadership Opportunities – Develop leadership skills and expand your knowledge by becoming part of Quotes’ executive board or ambassador program.

Volunteer Opportunities – Quotes hosts a variety of events that can only be made successful with the help and support of our members.

Networking – Countless opportunities to build relationships with local and statewide PR professionals. As a Quotes member, you are also a member of FPRA and can visit their monthly professional development events.