Domenica Aycart

Quote’s Webmaster

Quotes Corner

This semester, I took on the challenge of redesigning the Quotes website. I wanted it to be attention-grabbing and very informative. Since Quotes’ website attracts our student members as well as employers, thanks to our Intern Pursuit section, the website must contain information that is relevant and useful to both.

With this in mind, I changed the layout of the site for a more sophisticated look, added all of the blogs written by our past and former members, created photo albums of our past agency tours and speaker meetings, and placed widgets that promote our different social media pages.

What I learned by working on the website is that you should do extensive research on the platform or platforms that you are using to communicate your message. Without proper research on the platform, you are not taking full advantage of the tools provided, which could really make a difference on how your content is received by your audience. For example, with WordPress, the platform our Quotes website runs on, it is essential to know how to properly use and strategically place the widgets on your page.

Using embedded widgets allows me to promote our social media pages and let members know about any upcoming events without having to send out constant reminders. To communicate effectively using WordPress, you should have a basic understanding of how analytics work; this allows you to keep track of your website’s traffic and top performing posts.

Receiving feedback from our faculty advisor, Lindsay Hudock, and my fellow executive board members has been essential to redesigning the website. They are constantly working with me to brainstorm the type of content our members would like to see on the website and what is the best way to display it. Their different points of view allow me to create content that really engages our members. For example, promoting the blog posts that past and current members have written is beneficial to both employers and students, since they allow employers to read about what we have been working on during the year, and it allows students to learn about the different ways you can better yourself in the public relations field.

Constantly updating our website with new blog posts and pictures from past events is a great way to establish good communication with our members, because keeping our content fresh keeps our members coming back to the website and allows future members to develop an interest in our club. Change is constant, and we need to take into account our audience’s needs. Sometimes events or meetings need to be rescheduled, and in order to keep our members and employers updated, it is of the essence to spread any changes on our website as well as our social media.

Being in charge of our website has been a very rewarding experience. I have learned new strategies on how to properly communicate with different audiences, and have mastered WordPress. I am very thankful to Quotes for giving me the chance to be their webmaster.