Virtual Intern Pursuit:

This year’s Virtual Intern Pursuit is now live on the Employer List page.


Intern Pursuit is an internship fair for Ad/PR students hosted by Quotes every semester.

To prepare students, Quotes holds several events that provide comprehensive help and guidance. Some of these events include:

Bootcamp Professionals and faculty members speak with students on everything from resumes and attire to what you should and should not say. | Resume Roundtable Get your resume reviewed by multiple faculty members to ensure it’s ready for Intern Pursuit. | Rockin’ Resume Gary LaPage will teach you how to perfect your resume and make it stand out.

Students are encouraged to bring resumes and business cards, and MUST be dressed professionally. Please refer to this article for appropriate outfit ideas. It is also recommended that students research potential employers before the event.

Please email with your contact information and any questions you may have. Also, follow us on our social media pages to stay updated with Intern Pursuit: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter