Quotes, the PR Club at UCF, was founded in 1981 as one of the first student chapters of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA). As one of the largest student chapters of FPRA in the state, our main goal is to cultivate the development of future industry professionals who will lead in the field of communication. Each activity, program and event provides quality content and the maximization of opportunities through career enhancement and professional networking.

Our Mission

To cultivate the professional development of future industry professionals who will lead in the field of communication.

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of future industry professionals through engaging and interactive experiences.

Executive Board

The executive board works hard to run Quotes. To get to know each board member, click on each bio to view it full-size.

Isabela Roselione


Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Isabela Roselione is a Disney enthusiast, an art history buff, and has a passion for UCF. As a South Florida native and a UCF legacy, she always knew she wanted to be a Knight. She was a member of the UCF Student Government Leadership Council from 2017 to 2018, and has been an active member of Quotes. Isabela is a senior pursuing a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and has had 3 internships with the non-profit, Central Florida Community Arts, the Rubell Museum and with the Downtown Development Board of Orlando. She is very excited to be the newest President for Quotes, and looking forward to all the events she gets to plan with the Quotes executive board. 

You can contact Isabela at QuotesPresident@gmail.com

Genesis Margolis

Vice President of Operations

Major: Advertising/Public Relations 

Genesis’ interest in public relations sparked when she went on media tours with her mother in Puerto Rico as a child. She has served as the director of communications for Quotes and is currently the vice president of operations. Thanks to Intern Pursuit, she has been able to intern at Wellons Communications as a public relations intern, Sohuis as a social media intern, and Statusphere as an account management intern. Her favorite pastimes include baking, singing, and spending time with her family and boyfriend. 

Amy Raleigh

Director of Events

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Amy is a coffee enthusiast, professional puppy petter, and lover of writing and PR. She was raised in Flagler Beach, and after dual enrollment and graduating highschool with her Associates, Amy moved to O-town in 2019 to continue college. In her time at UCF, Amy has formerly been the Quotes Vice President of Special Projects for Spring 2020, and has completed two internships; a communications internship at Feeding Children Everywhere, and a partnerships internship at Sohuis. You can find her dreaming up her next travel spot, cooking something new, or spending time with family. 

Julia Amorim

Creative Director

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Julia is a graduating senior at UCF and has served as Quotes’ creative director for the past two years. Since a young age, she was always fascinated by the art of storytelling, which led Julia to choose a degree in both advertising and public relations, move to Orlando, and become a proud Knight. When she not studying or at her internships, you can find her at sports events of all kinds or playing with her little dog Sophie.

Monique Mendez

Director of Comunications

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Monique Mendez is a junior studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. She has held several copywriting and social media internships at Orlando agencies, as well as a marketing internship with NextEra Energy. In her free time, Monique enjoys volunteering with March For Our Lives and playing tennis.

Dominique Rios

Director of Special Projects

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Dominique is a senior and has been a member of Quotes for two years. She’s originally from Williamsburg, Virginia but spent most of her childhood in Knoxville, Tennessee. After taking classes with Lindsay Hudock and Joan McCain her sophomore year, Dominique fell in love with the ad pr program. Some of her hobbies include working out, cooking, shopping and traveling. She currently works remotely with Hannah Aylward Nutrition as a social media intern.

Lindsey Bowman

Director of Membership

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Lindsey is a junior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric at UCF. After graduating high school with an AA degree from St. Petersburg College, she knew UCF was where she wanted to earn her bachelor’s degree. At her previous college, Lindsey has held a number of recruitment positions within her honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. At UCF, she is involved in many organizations on campus and is excited to learn about the advertising and public relations industries through classes and internships. In her free time, she loves to travel, cook, and spend time with friends and family. 

Brandon Guarro


Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Brandon Guarro is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for creative work. Originally from South Florida he moved up here to become a Knight and see what Orlando had to offer. He’s been an active member of Quotes for 2 years and has benefited from his membership landing 4 great internships. First starting at AdventHealth, then &Barr, then Appleton Creative, and then back to &Barr, he’s learned a lot on his journey. He designed a lot of the elements on this great website and can’t wait to take his talents out into the world!

Kiara Almanzar

Creative Team Member

Major: Advertising and Public Relations, Sociology

Kiara is a part-time bookworm and full-time music enthusiast. Her passion for public relations came from reading gossip magazines growing up, and she double majored in sociology to dive into a deeper understanding of social culture. She has a passion for learning new things which is why she decided to join the graphic team at Quotes. When she’s not studying for her classes or working on Quotes graphics, Kiara loves to volunteer and watch movies.

Visakha Pham

Creative Team Member 

Major: Advertising and Public Relations 

Visakha is a passionate designer with a knack for writing and social media. Born and raised in Central Florida, she’s your go-to expert when it comes to the best places to eat, play, and shop in Orlando. Her love of design began as a freshman when she was a marketing assistant for UCF Wellness and Health Promotion Services. As an intern for BIGEYE and Greenhouse Agency, she’s worked with brands such as Lucky’s Market, 4 Rivers Smokehouse, and Addition Financial. Her favorite part about Ad/PR is learning about copywriting and visual communication. 

Christopher Crawford

Coordinator of Special Projects