With the recent protests against racial injustice and the increased push for diversity and inclusion efforts, many organizations are taking the lead to be more diverse. Quotes, the Ad/PR Club at UCF honors these actions and is constantly seeking new ways to improve diversity efforts both within the club and the public relations community.

Quotes values diversity and inclusion and understands that there is always more work to be done. Quotes appreciates the unique perspectives and experiences diversity brings to our membership and executive board. Whether they are sharing our messaging, attending events or generating new ideas, all Quotes members contribute to these important efforts of diversity and inclusion.

Quotes will continue to stand with the public relations community, advocating for increased representation across cultures and experiences. The following are actions that Quotes will be taking moving forward:

  • Provide resources to students and professionals dedicated to diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Further promote diversity and inclusion within the club and advocate for unique and diverse perspectives
  • Create opportunities for open discussions on topics like racism and diversity/inclusion during board meetings and club meetings

Lastly, we would like to share the following resources to aid your efforts in creating a more just world:

To create meaningful, lasting change, diversity and inclusion must remain at the forefront of conversations. Quotes will continue to do our part to be a force for positive change during these difficult times.


Quotes, the Ad/PR Club at UCF