Do I have to be an advertising/public relations major to become a member of Quotes?

No. You do NOT need to be an advertising and public relations major to join Quotes. The club is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the communications industry, but it’s not a requirement.

What are the requirements to join Quotes?

There are no specific requirements. Simply fill out the membership application and Venmo your dues to @QuotesUCF.

How do I apply to become a member?

You can fill out the online application here. For questions or concerns regarding membership, please contact our VP of membership at

How much does membership cost?

Full year membership dues are $55. Students who apply in the fall become members of Quotes AND the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) for one year. Spring semester membership dues are $40 but do not include FPRA membership.

What are the admission requirements for the Ad/PR program?

All program information and minimum admission requirements can be found on the official UCF Nicholson School of Communication website.

How do I pay my dues?

We accept payments through Venmo. Just send over a payment of $55 to @QuotesUCF or bring a cash/check to Lindsay Hudock’s office with your application.

How do I join the executive board?

What are ambassadors?

Ambassadors are students who are excited and want to be involved with Quotes, but don’t have enough time to be on the executive board. Ambassadors have early access to events, sit in on board meetings, and volunteer to help executive board members with their duties. Learn how you can become an ambassador by clicking here.