By: Karina Saad

Whether you have been an intern, supervised one, or both, you might agree with me that no two internship experiences are the same. This is why I have decided to share my perspective as an intern. My journey is one that has been so enriching that it deserves to be told and to have an audience.

This is how I see it: we live in a very competitive world, where standing out and finding opportunities to show what we are made of are scarce. This last word, “scarce,” has hope in it, as no matter how hard it might be to enter the professional world, there is always a door that opens. This internship was that door for me.

My journey started when I was attending one of the monthly meetings that Quotes, the PR club at UCF, organizes. Our guest speaker was Jennifer Bisbee; after listening to her I knew I had to introduce myself. She talked about the day-to-day life of a public relations professional and made it sound as amazing as it was challenging. I knew I had to intern with her organization, Bisbee and Company.

Do you remember the first time you ever visited a museum? I do. I felt like no matter where I decided to turn my head, I would encounter a piece that would make me learn something new, leave me speechless and inspire me. This internship has made me feel the same way.

Bisbee and Company is like a big art museum, and each project I have been able to be part of is like a piece influenced by many hands. Each one tells a story and each one teaches something different. I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from every experience.

No matter how astonishing a museum might be, if the visitor doesn’t have the right attitude, then its value is not appreciated. The visit is meaningless. This also applies to my internship. I feel like no matter how great of an opportunity it might be, if I don’t give my best and try as hard as I can to meet the expectations of those who believe in me, then I’m wasting my opportunity.

Every good museum has knowledgeable guides and information centers so visitors don’t get lost. With this internship, even when it might be daunting to take action on projects that I’ve never done before, I have not felt overwhelmed because of the guidance, patience and goodwill of the team with whom I have worked.

Like that museum I once visited, Bisbee and Company has exposed me to a whole new world full of opportunities and knowledge. Now I must summon the best version of myself to contribute my own “works of art” – to boldly put forward my unique ideas and perspective.

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