New Member Spotlight

New Quotes member Sebastian Hernandez had this reflection to share: “Life’s purpose is to live…” Brendon Burchard. I started to bloom as a student when Dr. Manzueta, a mentor, friend and past professor, shone a light on unseen paths in the communication field. My life before college was pretty average: never really good at sports, … Continue reading New Member Spotlight


Tried & True Tips To Land The Best Internships

Written by Ryan C. Sheehy, APR, former faculty advisor for Quotes So you’re a college student and it’s officially time to transition from a free-to-be-me lifestyle to the real-world professional realm. It’s only natural that you are feeling overwhelmed by the process and need some good advice. As a PR pro with more than a decade of … Continue reading Tried & True Tips To Land The Best Internships