New Quotes member Sebastian Hernandez had this reflection to share:

“Life’s purpose is to live…” Brendon Burchard.

I started to bloom as a student when Dr. Manzueta, a mentor, friend and past professor, shone a light on unseen paths in the communication field.

My life before college was pretty average: never really good at sports, not the best in school, and not the most outgoing as a kid. But once my college career started, the influence of Dr. Manzueta and my family allowed me to discover my talents. And once college began, I had one goal in mind. A 4.0. That’s something I never really had in life. Goals. But I was driven to do more than just getting good grades. I wanted to truly learn, not only in the classroom but outside of it. Not only learn theories, but learn about people, because I can learn from every single experience and person I come across.

Everyone you meet will tell you your college years will fly by. That was exactly the case during freshman year, and during the last couple of weeks at Seminole State College, I realized my contribution to this world – my voice, and what I had to say. This built a new spark inside of me and I grew in awe of what I and many others consider a lost art. Communication.

As I excitedly tore open my UCF acceptance letter, I knew from the moment I was accepted I had to do something in the Nicholson School of Communication. I researched the majors and realized that my passions towards relationships drove me to one major only – advertising and public relations.

As my excitement grew over the summer, I realized that I couldn’t just focus on getting good grades again. I had to build relationships and keep learning. That’s why I decided to join Quotes. An unexpected feeling creeped in while at Quotes’ first social of the semester, a feeling of being home. And home isn’t where you are from but where you feel your true self.

As the Quotes social kickoff came to an end, I learned about the opportunities the organizations had to offer, such as networking and internships. And as the semester begins, I believe that Quotes will educate me in ways that a classroom setting will never be able to. Going on tours, seeing different agencies, listening to different speakers and networking will open untraveled paths in the field of public relations.
The like-minded people at Quotes gave me a sneak peek into what I want to do after graduation: building relationships, maintaining them and most of all, living my life’s purpose – communicating.

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