Quotes’ first event of the 2019-2020 school was a hit. With more attendance than ever, students were able to sign up to become members, buy new merch and, most importantly, hear from Ashlynn Webb and Ali Beemer from Universal Orlando Resort. 

Both Ashlynn and Ali are Quotes and Ad/PR alumni. Ashlynn is now a PR coordinator while Ali is a PR representative for the outer U.S. (non-Floridian) guests. While Ashlynn focuses on media relations and is currently working on major events like Halloween Horror Nights, Ali recently led the new ride-opening initiative for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and works with national media outlets. 

During the event, they recounted their time at UCF and how being members of Quotes launched their careers. “Through Quotes I networked with people and made a career out of it. It’s why I have my job today,” said Ali. Ashlynn spoke fondly of her experience being a FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association) board member and the development of her career. “It makes such a big difference being able to network with professionals before you’ve even graduated,” said Ashlynn.

To wrap up the event, Quotes President Rachel Ilardi announced that there will be a giveaway of two free Universal tickets to members who sign up through October 1. Then she briefly went through the semester calendar and invited students to join us at our upcoming events.

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